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15 Apr 2024

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Why security matters for staff morale

Why security matters for staff morale 

There are lots of things that are important for staff morale – working conditions, pay and benefits and managerial support… But one of the most important factors that is sometimes overlooked, is having a good security set up in the working space. After all, no-one is likely to feel comfortable working somewhere that they don’t feel safe. But by taking a few simple steps to improve security, you can create a much more pleasant working environment for your staff. This should help to improve staff morale, generally help them enjoy their working day more – and hopefully improve long term retention.

A safe workplace is a happy workplace

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, criminal and violent activity can happen in even the best and most effectively run place of work. This may be particularly important for those members of staff who have to deal with the public, and who might therefore occasionally find themselves on the receiving end of bad-tempered abuse or threats from customers. Having a good security set up that they can rely on to keep them safe is a hugely important factor in making their job enjoyable – and means that they are much more likely to stay with you long term.

Reducing the risk of theft

Security is not just relevant to customer-facing industries though. Offices, factories and warehouses can be just as vulnerable, and a good security set up is just as important for these kinds of workplaces. One of the biggest risks comes from opportunistic crime, which can have a hugely detrimental impact on staff well-being if they feel unsafe or threatened. Having a good security set up that screens visitors, and means that high-value items are safely stored in an area that doesn’t leave them accessible or at risk, means that staff will have less to worry about – and can help to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Provides reassurance that their own belongings are safe

It goes without saying that if an employee’s own belongings aren’t safe in the workplace, their morale is likely to be very low. By creating a safe and secure environment for them to store their own belongings – whether that’s clothes, bags or electronics, they will appreciate the effort that you are making to keep their stuff safe. This can be achieved by providing secure lockers, rather than an open plan changing room – or where necessary by installing measures like CCTV in communal areas where belongings are stored. After all, staff should feel comfortable bringing their valuables like jewellery, mobile phones and headphones with them to work – without having to worry about it going missing. A good security set up should help discourage any light-fingered staff or visitors from taking liberties, and saves you from the inevitable stress and hassle of having to conduct investigations if anyone’s possessions did happen to go missing.

Helps shift workers and lone workers feel safe

If your business operates outside of normal daytime hours, some of your staff will inevitably end up arriving or leaving work in the dark. It might also be the case that some of your staff are the only people there, at times. In both of these cases, having a good security set up is a seriously important part of keeping your employees’ morale high. That might range from good lighting outside your buildings and in your car parks – through to solid security locks and visible measures such as CCTV to create an environment they feel safe in, even at night.

Creating a positive culture of security consciousness

Ultimately, having a good security set up can create a positive cycle of behaviour – it encourages staff to be security-minded, locking secure doors, checking CCTV cameras and placing their belongings into secure storage, which in turn all help reduce the risk of any security problems. This is why you need help from a company like Caple Security.
The end result that they can provide you with will create a working environment where your staff feel safe and comfortable. They might still have stressful jobs, but this is definitely one less thing for them to worry about. If they feel that they are working in an environment where security is taken seriously, this will be reflected in their sense of wellbeing, and will hopefully mean that you see a happy and fulfilled workforce who feel safe and secure in their working environment.

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