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22 May 2024

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What are the best smartphones for business in 2021?

What are the best smartphones for business in 2021? 

Even if your business operates a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy where you would be able to use your personal device for work purposes as well, you could find that this device doesn’t quite meet all of the criteria it would need to in order to serve your requirements well in a corporate context.

Therefore, you should probably think about buying a new phone specifically for work use – and here are examples of smartphone models you should especially strongly consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 

Where you see “Note” in a Samsung handset’s name, read “business-friendly”. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is certainly no exception, with its powerful processor, 108-megapixel main camera and high-resolution screen – helping to explain why TechRadar dubs the Ultra a “big productivity powerhouse.

The Verge is similarly effusive, particularly highlighting the huge 4,500mAh battery that would save you having to fumble frantically for a charger too often, even despite the massive 6.9-inch display.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

While some business smartphones can undoubtedly be expensive, they can also be packed with so much enterprise-friendly functionality that they practically pay for themselves over time. One good case in point would be the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is a no-compromise choice on several counts.

For example, it houses the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, the fastest chip available in any Android smartphone. Support for S Pen styluses, sold separately, is also thrown in.

Apple iPhone 12

While the iPhone 12 comprises four different models, TechRadar insists that “for the general business users the titular model is the best.” You could easily concur in light of the many features this device has in common with other members of the iPhone 12 family, such as 5G support and theMagSafemagnetic charging system.

Another plus point of the iPhone 12 is its colourful OLED display, which measures 6.1 inches on the diagonal –providing the real estate you would need to comfortably edit documents on the fly.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

If your work requires you to capture a lot of photography and video, the iPhone 12 Pro Max certainly has a great camera system for the job, with standard wide, ultrawide and telephoto lenses capable of producing awe-inspiring images even in low-light conditions.

The device’s 6.7-inch screen would help you to see those images in crystal clarity, too – and, compared to the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, the Max has a physically larger camera sensor for gathering more light.

OnePlus 9 Pro

Yes, there are appealing options beyong what Apple and Samsung have to offer, as the OnePlus 9 models attest. While you might be happy with the standard OnePlus 9 given its Snapdragon 888 processor and speedy 65W wired charging, its Plus brother would be an even more compelling choice for workers.

This is largely on account of the optical image stabilisation and optical zoom built into the Pro’s camera – but, whatever phone you choose, be sure to find an enterprise-grade mobile network, like Gamma Mobile, for it.

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