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22 May 2024

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Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension, How To Find The Best Service Providers

Reasons For Amazon Account Suspension, How To Find The Best Service Providers 

There are various reasons for Amazon seller account suspension. For many people, an Amazon seller account is a prime source of income. But there are a few rules to be followed while using a seller account. Violation of these rules may lead to account suspension and the account holders might have to go through the amazon suspension appeal process. Here are a few reasons for account suspension.

Restricted Product Listing

Amazon has a few products that shouldn’t be listed. They might be blacklisted or might not be suitable for Amazon’s audience. If a seller lists them in their account then there are chances of suspension. So, staying away from those kinds of products is useful for amazon suspension prevention. If the seller even tries to list it for a trial, then the account gets suspended and they have to follow the entire suspension retrieval process. Even a few sellers list fake products in their accounts to receive more orders. Listing fake products is against Amazon seller account laws and may result in suspension. Hence it’s the first rule not to list products that are restricted, blacklisted, and fake.

Bad And Negative Reviews

Reviews build trust. If someone wants to buy things, the first thing that they do is check reviews. They only buy if the reviews are good and as expected. But if the seller account has negative reviews and feedback then there are chances of suspension and might have to does the amazon suspension appeal process to get back the account. Negative reviews and bad feedback come when bad products are supplied. This means when the customer service isn’t up to the mark. So, it’s the second rule of Amazon that the sellers must provide excellent customer service and make sure that only qualified products are listed.

Fake Reviews

Just like fake products, fake reviews are also blacklisted by Amazon. As already discussed, reviews build trust. To get more orders a few sellers make up fake reviews and get them posted on their accounts. But when Amazon finds out as a fake review the account might get suspended. Hence, avoiding fake reviews is one of the important amazon suspension prevention methods.

The most important and primary point that every Amazon seller should remember is to always list qualified products, legit reviews, and concentrate only on customer service. When everything is clear, Amazon doesn’t suspend the seller account.

How To Find The Best Service Providers

Legit Amazon suspension appeal service providers are very rare. Here are a few tips to find the best ones.

  • The best service providers give you a reason to choose them. They might give you one free session, or free consultation.
  • A refund policy should be given by the service provider if the work isn’t completed within the given time.
  • Customer support is important to check. If the service provider is always at customer’s service then sellers can easily clarify their doubts.
  • The service provider must also take amazon suspension prevention steps to avoid problems in the future.

So, this is how a seller can fund the best suspension appeal service, provider.

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