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15 Apr 2024

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Steps to Create Amazing Backlinks

Steps to Create Amazing Backlinks 

Visiting an SEO forum would help you find the obligatory list from a confused soul seeking answers on how to create amazing backlinks. Some people will not have ideas regarding backlink creation even if they run a website successfully. In such cases, they could look up SEO link building services  UK online to find one of the best agencies. is an agency that could help you out in creating high-quality links that match your genre and type of content. Learn more about

Some people would try everything they know to build quality backlinks and fail in the process. They would try Profile links, free directory, article submissions, comment spamming etc. but will not succeed. Despite all their efforts, they wouldn’t be able to go past their competitors in SERPs and would look up to others to share their methods on how to build great backlinks.

The thing is that there is no magic or secret to it. Building great backlinks would take a lot of work. Most people would look for a quick fix and create something of value which is a lot harder when being practical.

If you are willing to work harder, you could find a way to build amazing backlinks. It is not an easy process and requires a lot of creativity, dedication, tenacity and hard work. Unlike low-value link spamming, have a look at some of the steps you could implement to build great backlinks.

  • Find what people are linking to

The first step to gain amazing backlinks is to shortlist the sites that have good backlinks and check their link profiles. The logic here is that good content would attract great links as the website owners would feel compelled to share the content with their audience to gain more traffic. Hence, you should look for pages with lots of links as they would have link-worthy content. To find out the blog posts that have attracted the most inbound links, you could follow this process. Let’s think of a hypothetical example known as ABC clothing store, an online clothing store that is looking to attract links, gain more traffic and attention for its line of clothing – summer dresses. You could install any third party tool to find out about the collection of blog posts about summer dresses that have attracted the most links. The next step here would be to build quality backlinks and to find out the websites that are linking to these posts.

  • Find out who is linking

Now that it is clear on which content pieces are the link magnets, you should figure out who will be doing the linking. The website owners would have already prequalified themselves as link prospects by demonstrating their willingness to link to a particular type of content which would be the content about ” summer dresses”. Here, the chances are good that they would link to your content about summer dresses.

  • Find out why people are linking 

To create linkable content, you should decide on why certain pieces of content could attract links. You can observe various blog posts about summer dresses and why those posts attract a lot of links. Is it due to some shared element or due to some other reasons that would make the content link-worthy? If you own the ABC clothing store and you are looking for content ideas that can attract links, writing a post about the trendiest summer dresses you could own would be a fantastic strategy.

  • Create the bait

To attract links for content, you will have to create content with great value. You should not outright copy any content or write everything from scratch without proper research. You should own the content and make it on your own. The point here is that you should create content that should be valuable and interesting to your target market. People like the content about summer dresses. Now there are various ways you could turn that intelligence into an effective content strategy.

  • Easy: Create a blog post about summer dresses that could attract a stray link or two without many innovative ideas but just stating facts.
  • Hard: Create an article about the trendiest summer dresses you could own this season. It would involve more work but there would be opportunities for a lot of links.
  • Very Hard: Rack your brain and get very creative. You could begin a contest on your website where people could submit the pictures of the trendiest summer dresses they own and the most voted picture winning a prize. You can create a contest page with contest details, photo galleries and voting components. You can then write a post announcing the contest and another one announcing the winners with their pictures and summer dresses.

Now, which of the ideas seem to be more attractive? Which one would you think could attract more links? The point here is that the effort would match the results. The harder you work on a piece of content; the more links you could attract.

  • Go all the way out with your content

You could market your content with the help of blog marketing. You are going to get to work reaching out to the website owners, bloggers and key influencers for the sites in backlink profiles that you might have gathered. You would not boldly ask any of them to link to your page but would just request them. You could make use of a subtler approach by writing to make them aware of your content, asking if they would like to share it with their audience as they might have done with similar types of content.

It requires a lot of patience and hard work to gain results and high-quality backlinks. Some people buy and earn backlinks using practices that are not authorised by search engines. This needs to be completely avoided as the search engines could penalise the websites if they find out that the websites are engaged in such malpractices.

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