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23 Jan 2022

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5 ways your business could act on climate change

5 ways your business could act on climate change 

Climate change action is beneficial to both our environment and everything within it. So, here are 5 ways your business could act on climate change and make a difference for good.

  • Opt for Environmental Friendly Resources

Why not go green? Opting for environmentally friendly equipment and infrastructure within the workplace will allow your business to positively act on climate change. If you operate vehicles within the business – go for hybrid vehicles or even better – electric vehicles. Invest in or replace old equipment with recyclable and energy efficient equipment.

If you’re looking for a new workplace that’s already installed with equipment and appliances that are environmentally friendly, why not consider flexible workplaces In London from BE Offices?

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

There are several ways you and your employees can reduce energy consumption in the workplace: slightly reducing the heating, turning the office lights off after working hours have ended, cutting down on air conditioning, and unplugging devices when not being used.

Ultimately, a business can easily reduce its energy consumption in the workplace through simply turning a few electrical appliances off when necessary, resulting in a better impact on the environment and climate change.

  • Measure Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions should be the first step to take for any business aiming to reduce its effect on the climate, and its contribution to climate change.

You should begin by planning out your own greenhouse gas emissions, select a foundation year for the reduction commitment, and establish an official goal. Determine how to remove emissions and devise a strategy for meeting the objectives. As part of your public reporting, disclose your business’s own carbon emissions, plans to reduce them, and emission reductions.

  • Working From Home

The most effective method of reducing emissions from your regular commute is to simply stop commuting altogether. If employees worked from home instead of driving to work, they would significantly reduce their carbon footprint if their commute to work was more than 5km. The IEA also discovered that allowing employees to work from home just one day a week would save approximately 1% of global oil usage for road transport each year.

Most businesses have managed to operate successfully from home during the Coronavirus pandemic and so allowing the flexible working trend to continue is a simple but highly effective way for your businesses to help the environment.

You should even consider taking virtual meetings via video conferencing rather than face-to-face meetings, to avoid employees driving to client meetings.

  • Encourage Sustainable Commuting

Transportation is responsible for roughly 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions, with commuting accounting to a sizable portion of these total emissions. You can significantly reduce your indirect CO2 emissions in order to lower your contribution to climate change by encouraging employees to take public transportation. You could even provide discounted rates on public transportation or encourage car sharing among colleagues who live near one another.

Cycling is the most environmentally friendly method of commuting as it uses no carbon emissions whatsoever – and even better – there are several cycling lanes and cycle to work schemes that you can take advantage of to encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint.

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